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Have Psychic Stress? Conquer It & Gain Peace of Mind

Mar 10, 2010

Never in my many years of psychic readings have I ever felt the level of stress from clients that I am of late. So many of us humans are sad, drained, anxious, and defeated. So many of us are uncertain, alienated, and lost. In the old days, I jokingly said, no offense guys, but if…

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We Are The Champions

Feb 19, 2010

As a psychic in New Orleans, you can only imagine how many times I have been asked about the Saint’s going to the Super Bowl. For close to 20 years I suffered the “kill the messenger” feeling of having to say that I didn’t see it happening that year. So beleaguered we Saint’s fans, so…

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The Metaphysical Truth About Giving

Dec 15, 2009

This is one of the most important metaphysical truths you can ever learn! Give and it shall be given to you in return.  There was a time when I was afraid of releasing anything. I had a fear-based poverty consciousness that limited my way of living. I thought it was dog-eat-dog darling and everyone had…

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The Magic of Crystals and Stones

Aug 14, 2009

I was first introduced to the power of stones and crystals about 25 years ago. I was staying in the mystical town of Glastonbury in England and, one day walked into a little gem shop. As I was looking into a display case a crystal on one of the shelves began rocking up and down…

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Is Everyone Born With Psychic Ability?

Jul 4, 2009

The other day I was being interviewed for a local news show. The lovely lady who was reporting asked me if everyone was psychic. This is a question that I have been asked numerous times and I thought it a good idea to write a post about it. The answer is an absolute yes. There…

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How to Personalize a Generic Horoscope

Jun 5, 2009

Many of us love to read our daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes. We look to them to forecast what might be happening in our lives. If we read the one that is based on the month that we are born, we might be missing out on the very best that a horoscope has to offer.…

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The Joys of Journaling

May 10, 2009

Write it down, write it down. I recall my mother telling me that whenever I would run to her with some kind of vision, be it psychic or creative. I used to find it tedious but it has shown its reward in numerous ways throughout the years. I can honestly say that my journal truly…

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