The Earth – Our Sacred Connection

This month has been one of much upheaval for Mother Earth. As earthquakes continue to remind us how dependent we are upon the very ground beneath us and volcanic eruption, our dependence upon the air. No question that we have a symbiotic relationship with this magnificent planet but I believe that our side of the bargain is out of whack and we better get with the process of rebalancing and healing as these catastrophic events are calling us to make things right. While some may claim this geologic activity is cyclical upheaval, just a pattern in nature, I disagree and feel that we are far more complicit in these events and I would like to offer a few things we can do to help.

There was a time when we and the earth spoke to each other. She taught us what to eat to sustain us and provided the air and water without which we’d die. The ancient ones knew which plants to use to heal because Mother Earth told them so. Obviously, it wasn’t trial and error or we would have wiped ourselves out long ago. We once worshiped the Sun and Moon and sea and seasons because we instinctually knew that our very life depended upon our connection with the planet. Along the ages, we have misplaced this innate connection and natural disasters are a big wake-up call for us all to take responsibility for our environs in spirit and action. I do not believe that we have crossed the point of no return but I believe that the time to work to ensure our future is now and that there are some things that we can do to help repair the connection and help heal our home.

Thankfully technology has given us some real tangible steps to take to start with. Using fluorescent bulbs, recycled paper and eco-friendly products is a great way to send out a beam of love to Mother Earth and let her know you care. A positive action like recycling bottles is a message that you are committed to being a good steward of Earth while you are here. These seemingly simple actions carry with them the power of intent and the energy of integrity.

Another wonderful way to send positive energy to Mother Earth is to fully appreciate her with all of your senses. Spend one day devoted to using each one of your natural senses. Using sight, observe nature’s beauty, the extraordinary palette of colors she provides. Next would be sound and paying full attention to the wind and birds even the stillness. Taste requires you to sample an array of natural foods and delight in the flavor. On the day for scents enjoy flowers, herbs, foods, and on the day for touch, there is an amazing array from which to select. The most important thing to focus on in this truly powerful reconnection practice is to take in the magnificence of nature’s gifts.

Buddha found enlightenment sitting beneath the Bohdi Tree. He sat there upon the Earth beneath nature’s canopy and became one with all that is. I have had some of my most profound enlightenment after spending time in this very same position. We all have access to a park or yard where we can find a tree and feel comfortable sitting beneath it. This exercise, when done with healing intent can greatly affect the mood of our planet. Find a tree that speaks to you and sit upright comfortably beneath it. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths as you let the cares of the moment go. Once you are relaxed, imagine that the base of your spine is a root that goes down to the very core of the earth. Now you have established the root you begin sending a flow of pink and gold energy from the base of your spine down into the earth and from the earth back up to the base of your spine where it continues to circulate love from you into the earth.

Gardening is another great way to get earthy. I like to dig and play with the dirt and watch the fruit of my labors grow. I have plants all over inside and out and my life is richer for it plus it’s good for the air.

I was thinking that Mother Earth must feel pretty taken for granted. She gives and gives and gives to us but gets very little in return. As with most one-sided relationships, one day she’s going to call it quits. But like most Mothers, she will be forgiving if we but give her our love and appreciation. Whatever you chose to do this Earth Day please take a moment and give a little love to her.