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Whether you are a first time visitor or returning, I would like to thank you for stopping by and welcome you to my official website NEW ORLEANS PSYCHIC AND MEDIUM CARI ROY. This site is updated regularly so please come back often and utilize our features. For 30 plus years I have been blessed to use my psychic and medium abilities to connect with literally thousands of wonderful folks, like you, from around the world. Proudly based in my beautiful and courageous city of New Orleans, I’ve received the honors of being named BEST PSYCHIC MEDIUM IN NEW ORLEANS by TRAVELCHANNEL.COM and recommended NUMBER ONE PSYCHIC MEDIUM TO SEE IN THE USA by BBCAMERICA.COM. People come to me in-person or via phone for psychic readings about current pressing matters and future opportunities regarding career, relationships, finance and health and also to re-connect with the departed. As a professional psychic I tune deeply into your being to see the who, what and where details of your life experience and work with you to enhance and enrich all aspects of your journey. As a medium, I open myself to the spirits that wish to speak and to aid in bringing solace from our loved ones who have passed. Some of you may have arrived at this site because of my work in television, documentaries, radio and print. Some of you have come because of the magic of New Orleans and still others by a friendly recommendation or word of mouth. I am so glad that you are here and it is my deepest desire to be able to answer the questions of your heart and soul and make your path more joyful, serene and clear.

All the Best,
Cari Roy


About Cari Roy

A third generation New Orleans Psychic and Medium, her inherited gifts & 20 plus years of professional study and experience have honed those natural talents to expert skills.

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Have questions? You’ll find answers here about how readings work, what to expect, how to schedule your appointment, gift certificates, location and payments.

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Miss Roy appears regularly on Local and National TV and News shows. Here is a sampling of some of her most recent appearances.



Let others describe their personal experiences with New Orleans Psychic and Medium Cari Roy. Learn how they feel they’ve benefited and how their readings touched their lives.

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Would you like to become a master of lucid dreaming, be free from psychic stress, get more from reading horoscopes? Cari shares her expert insights to inform & uplift.

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So much great info on the web to help enlighten our mind, body and soul. Cari has amassed a library from all things paranormal to all things from our home New Orleans.

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Psychic readings, medium readings, past-life, astrology and more. In-person in New Orleans or on the phone. Group rates, events, speaking, parties too.

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A friendly and helpful client coordinator will gladly answer your questions and get you scheduled in. Call 877-774-6652 or email - Media & Event contact info available too.

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Using Cari’s extensive knowledge of all subjects metaphysical, spiritual, paranormal & more, we have put together an array of books, potions and notions, recommendations to help inspiration & spiritual tools you can use.

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