How to Personalize a Generic Horoscope

Many of us love to read our daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes. We look to them to forecast what might be happening in our lives. If we read the one that is based on the month that we are born, we might be missing out on the very best that a horoscope has to offer. What I am about to write may sound a bit complicated to start but if you follow what I am saying, it will lead you to a more personalized forecast.

Astrology is based on a system that looks like a wheel. Some of you may have seen one before. It is a circle that has been divided into twelve parts and is called a chart. Each of those twelve segments is called a house and each house has its own attribute. The first house rules your personality, the second house rules money, the third house is communication, the fourth house one’s your home, and so on. At the time of your birth, the planets were in certain positions in their orbits. In astrology, these positions are called signs and the planets in those signs are what populate the segments of each individual astrological chart.

We all are familiar with where the sun is at our time of birth. It is called the sun sign and lasts a month. If you were born between November 22nd till December 22nd, you are Sagittarian, etc…. I am sure that everyone understands thus far but here is where it gets a little tricky. In addition to where the sun is at one’s time of birth, there are nine other planets to be considered as well as a rising sign. Don’t worry, I am not going to go into every one. My main interest is something called your rising sign and what is called your first house.

When an astrologer goes about forecasting your horoscope, they create an astrological chart based on your date, time, and place of birth. Astrologers who are writing horoscopes for the masses don’t have the luxury of doing that for every reader so they base them on the sun sign only. They make an assumption and use your sun sign as the default first house, or segment, of the chart and then base their forecasts on where the current planets are populating that chart. The difficulty with that is that is does not aptly portray how current planet configurations will affect you personally because your individual chart may have a completely different first house.

Throughout the course of a day, the sun moves through all of the other 12 signs because of its rapid movement. It does this every day for an entire month then it changes into the next sun sign. At sunrise, it begins from the sign that it’s in. If it’s mid-August then the sun rises in the sign of Leo. Every two hours it changes signs. Depending on what time you were born you can have one of twelve different rising signs. Where the sun was stationed at your time of birth then determines what is the starting point of your horoscope, the first house.

O.K., I am sure you are wondering why any of this matters. If you and I are born on the same day, let’s say July, we are both Cancerians. We might have some similarities but I highly doubt that we would have the same life story. Going back to what I wrote earlier, there are many variables in planets and in houses that can only be determined from your personal date, time, and place of birth. An astrologer needs that information and then they factor in where the planets are currently to give you a proper forecast. The good news is all you need to know is your rising sign and your first house to personalize the most generic horoscopes and you can get that information for free by going to and entering your date, time, and place of birth. Once that’s done, click on the offering personal portrait and scroll down to the bottom. It will have an area that says house positions. Look at what it says your ascendant, another word for rising sign, is. If it says something different for the first house then remember that as well.

With that information, you now have all that you need to read any generic horoscope and get a more personalized forecast. Read only the ones written for your ascendant, or rising sign, and the one for the first house. Often they are one and the same so you only need one. I am a Sagittarian sun sign but my first house is ruled by Aquarius. I have only read the ones for Aquarius for many years and have found them to be much more accurate and meaningful for my day-to-day. I am sure that if you follow my formula and begin reading your horoscopes differently, you will find yourself much more in the know and truly able to use the benefits of daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes to benefit your life experience.