The Magic of Crystals and Stones

I was first introduced to the power of stones and crystals about 25 years ago. I was staying in the mystical town of Glastonbury in England and, one day walked into a little gem shop. As I was looking into a display case a crystal on one of the shelves began rocking up and down as though it were nodding at me. While not easily shocked, I did find it a bit odd and asked the shopkeeper what was happening. She told me that the crystal liked me and was trying to speak to me. I had experienced stranger things but needed to make sure for myself that there wasn’t another explanation. I would walk away, still watching from the corner of my eye, and it would stop. I would wait a few moments and then, as soon as I would walk close to the case, it would start moving again. I asked to hold it and when I did I definitely felt an energy emitting from it. Needless to say, I bought it and began learning all I could about them. I am not going to go into a huge lesson on crystals here, there are many wonderful books and websites for that, but I would like to touch on some of the basics and share with you some of my favorites which you can use for yourself.

Each crystal or stone has its own individual properties that make it good to use for particular things. Now they will not do much of anything without you focusing your intent and establishing a connection but, once you have done that, they will amplify your intent and your intent will amplify their attributes and that is where the power occurs. So, it is important to select the correct ones for what it is that you are trying to create in your life. There are ones for love, success, healing, heightening intuition, financial gain, and every other good thing under the sun. Here are some of my favorites.

  • CLEAR QUARTZ – the aspirin of crystals, it is good for everything. It is very energizing and powerful on its own and when combined with others, it greatly increases its effectiveness. This is the very first that I would get.
  • AMETHYST – this beautiful purple crystal is one of the best at increasing intuitive awareness and connecting to spirituality. It is also calming and beautiful.
  • AVENTURINE – a light green stone that is used to enhance luck in all situations.
  • RED JASPER – for protection, warding off negative people, and dispelling negative energy.
  • AMERITRINE – an amethyst purple with golden swirls. This imbues a sense of power and presence. Also good for intuition.
  • CHAROITE – opaque purple with white stone that is good for emotional healing and dissolving fears.
  • ROSE QUARTZ – the crystal of love and lovers. It also bestows grace and beauty. You can get it in a heart shape for extra potency.
  • CITRINE – a warm yellow crystal that is good for money and prosperity.
  • PETRIFIED WOOD – for grounding, longevity, and fortitude. It is great for bringing long-term projects to fruition.
  • CALCITE – it comes in different color combinations and is good for healing and detoxifying.

Once you have gotten your crystals and stones, you want to cleanse, charge and personalize them. Begin by soaking them in salt water overnight. The next day, allow them to receive sunlight for a few hours. Once you have done that you hold each one in your left hand and meditate upon their properties. Imagine that the energy is going up your left arm and then traveling down your right. Place it in your right hand and envision its power going out into your life in the exact area that you intend. You are now ready to use them to enhance all areas of your life. If you are in need of money, put the citrine in your wallet. If it is the romance that you are wanting then carry rose quartz close to you. For increased intuition, place amethyst just above the center of your brows, your third eye, and let the energy enter there. If you are fearful of a situation, put charoite in your hand. The possibilities are endless and once you get used to working with your crystals and stones, you will come up with your own ways to use them.