Have Psychic Stress? Conquer It & Gain Peace of Mind

Never in my many years of psychic readings have I ever felt the level of stress from clients that I am of late. So many of us humans are sad, drained, anxious, and defeated. So many of us are uncertain, alienated, and lost. In the old days, I jokingly said, no offense guys, but if men weren’t so difficult most psychics would be out of business. Gone are the halcyon days when romance ranked numero uno on everyone’s list of concerns. Now the number one concern is survival and most of us are being forced into that mode unwillingly and often unconsciously. Identifying the problem is the first step and it is a necessary step if we hope to regain some peace of mind and be able to handle life graciously with some hope of a return to balance and harmony.

Each day we are bombarded with news of disasters, wars, a perilous economy, doomsday scenarios, terrorism, spree killings, and climate uncertainty. This is just the 24/7 undercurrent psychic buzz that is going on all over the world all the time. Now, this is pretty grim and I haven’t even bothered to begin to list the personal issues that each of us must face along our own personal journey. Credit card bills, career uncertainty, familial unrest, life’s purpose, and I could go on. Take into consideration that we mix and mingle with each other every day and pick up the vibes of unrest of those around us personally and professionally and you have a recipe for disaster for the psyche that will greatly affect your daily quality of life. If you’re not ready to scream just thinking about this kind of stuff then you are one of the rare exceptions. Most of us are treading on our last nerves in these times and desperately searching for solace in what seems like a scary world. Is it any wonder many feel lost, stressed, and unable to move forward? All of the weight of the world builds up upon us and this I call psychic stress. While physical stress will have you shaking on the outside, psychic stress has you shaking on the inside.  It is an overall malaise, a soul flu that magnifies fear and can lead us spiraling down into a pit of despair. As spiritual beings, we must identify what is affecting our spiritual being and if it ain’t good, get rid of it. It is a daily task of balancing the energy of the inside and outside world but the benefits are quickly noticeable and grow experientially. Here are some simple steps that you can take to give yourself a psychic clearing, so to say, to feel revived, refreshed, and re-equipped to meet life’s experiences.

  1. By simply identifying that you are being affected by outside influence, you are taking a step toward unburdening yourself. There is a sense of relief in knowing that it isn’t all you. It is also a step back that will allow you to separate yourself from circumstance and regain some objectivity and perspective, essential tools for moving forward in a psychic clearing.  I cannot stress enough that there are energies out there affecting us all. No man is an island. Acknowledgment opens the door for change to come.
  2. Sit down and write all of your concerns on paper. ALL of your concerns, no matter how far-fetched or silly you may think others would find them. This exercise is for you and no one else unless you decide to share. Many fears vanish like a phantom when shown the light of day on paper. These are always the worst-case scenarios that never come to pass. Others you will find to be totally out of your control, like the actions of others, and therefore recognizable as futile efforts. What remains are the things that are within your control, health, finances, and the tangible things in life, and with these areas, you can take positive action and clear the deck of worry step by step. Some of our burdens are just clutter we can clear ourselves.
  3. When you enter a new space, stop and take notice of the energy that you feel. Living and workspaces contain energy as demonstrated by the venerable art of Feng Shui. We are affected by the energy of the spaces we’re in, some acutely so, and it is best to recognize that effect and determine if its energy is a plus or minus for you. If the vibes are negative then use your inner eye to envelop the space in luminescent white light, send your weight to the ground, and feel the powerful line that runs vertically through you from earth to heaven. This will clear other influences easily and reclaim your psychic balance. If it is a place where you will be spending a good deal of time you may want to burn sage incense in a counterclockwise direction throughout just to give any unsettledness an extra TKO.
  4. When you bathe or shower, using your inner eye bath your woes and cares away. Imagine your entire body being cleansed until it is as bright and clear as a crystal. Let the gracious element of water use its properties to remove the psychic soot that we all accumulate. in our natural state of being, we are radiant beings, filled with light and love. As you dry off and return to the world, your aura will be returned to its natural positive state, once again able to draw to itself the positive manifestations we all seek. There are many recommendations of herbs and oils that are ideally suited to psychic cleansing. Sage, lemongrass, hyssop, and citruses are ingredients to look for. There is also the cologne Florida Water that is often used after bathing to seal and protect the aura. By acquiring special products to use in your cleansing, you help set the intention for a positive result.
  5. Last but certainly most important is to purify one’s mind. Zone out, space out, meditate, detach and release all that fetters your mind. While I prefer to meditate to ambient music and positive word others prefer the sounds of silence. It is worthwhile to have a bit of both. The most valuable gift that you can give yourself is to free your mind. have a little fun with this step and, using your inner eye, create your happy place. Your ideal spot could be a lovely island, floating in the midst of the Pleiades, or a special place from long ago that allowed you to feel safe. Make it yours, make it real and make it easy to recall. Throw all of your cares to Heaven and leave your troubles at the door. Go to that happy place, often, once a day even if for only a few minutes, and have a bit of time without care or concern. We all deserve a moment of peace. Make yours happen, your own special time.

All of these steps are designed to be used with ease and joy. A few simple rituals, done daily, will return to you tenfold peace of mind and clarity of purpose. We humans aren’t made for this kind of barrage of outside stress and inside a worry. Give yourself the gift of psychic clearing, harmony, and balance and you will reconnect to your authentic self and your authentic self is the most important person in your life.