To: New Orleans Psychic – a Letter From a Skeptic

Thank You Letter for Cari

Below is an email that I received from a gentleman who I met here in New Orleans while he accompanied his wife and a friend to their psychic readings with me. I have never been so deeply flattered and touched in my life. There are times in each of our lives when it is the most awesome thing in the world to receive praise for our efforts. This is one of the nicest thank-yous that I have ever gotten and I am blushing…big-time…

Dear Miss Roy:

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you so much for taking the time to fit us in what I know has to be your very busy schedule by seeing us on a Saturday evening, as well as spending so much time with the ladies, for their readings.

First of all, you were fantastic; and I was completely blown away by your abilities. Personally, I have been quite the skeptic about psychic matters all of my life.  I was convinced that logic and science were the only motivating forces in our world.  I just had never had anything dramatic and irrefutable happen in my life which convinced me that there could be such a thing as psychics in our world that could actually be the real thing.  Now, after what you knew, and revealed during the psychic readings, I have to acknowledge that you are the real McCoy and that sure was that a revelation for me (as well as a shock)!

As you know, there is absolutely no way that you could have known (or discovered or learned) the things about my wife, our friends, and especially me, other than in some way that the rest of the world calls a supernatural way.  I had never met you, other than briefly shaking your hand when we met before you took my wife into your office, but you knew about my history, myself, and especially my late wife. And that you uncovered and revealed all of this to my wife, without me even being present, is even more baffling and unexplainable in any scientific manner.  Sure, there will always be critics and nay-sayers who will claim that they can’t see or measure or witness whatever it is that you do, and they may well be right, but I absolutely have to confirm that you did it, and knew these things somehow, things that it would have been impossible for you to know about my late wife, me, and our relationship. Although I may have to accept that you can do it (simply because you did it),  I will always wonder how it is possible for you to do what it is that you do.  But for now, I have to truly accept, deep in my soul, that there are things that exist beyond mere mortals’ understanding. Whether or not you realize it or not, this is a truly wonderful gift that you have given to me — and I thank you for it.

I have no choice now but to acknowledge that you had to have some source or means beyond what we scientifically oriented people accept as our real and known universe (which I have to now accept is obviously a limited perspective) in order to know what you knew and revealed about me and my life and relationship with my late wife. Not to mention the other things that you told, revealed and discussed during your session.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a totally different perspective on the world, the universe, and for making me realize that I am not anywhere near as smart as I thought I was, or that I know nearly as much as I thought I did.  And especially in reaffirming my belief in the fact that our world, our universe, and even our very existence is an amazingly more complicated, mysterious, convoluted, and exciting one than anyone can ever conceive.  You have left me invigorated, challenged, and mentally and emotionally stimulated in ways that I never thought possible. Although it may sound trite, I am so looking forward to the rest of my life and being able to explore what it is that you do and how you do it. It is real, whatever it is, and you have the gift. Even I could tell that much from our brief meeting and just being in your presence.  You simply radiate power.  Call it your “aura” or your “chi” or whatever — it is there and it is manifestly obvious to anyone who meets you unless they are totally closed off from what is around them.  (Here I am rattling on like a new wave, neo-spiritualistic convert or something — and that is so not me).

I am sorry that these “few words” turned out to be an epistle.  My words are just simply inadequate to do you and your (work) justice but I had to try to let you know how much your abilities have done for me to give me a new perspective on life and the wonderful world around us.  Simply amazing!  And thank you for allowing me to release some of my energy by writing this to you.  I can only hope that you get the chance to read it and to know how much I appreciate what you did not only for me but also to thank you for what you did for my wife and friends.  I went to your office thinking that it would be pleasant entertainment and came away in absolute awe of what you do, and the gift that you share so professionally, delicately, and responsibly. Not to mention ethically.  You truly are a gifted person. I just wish that everyone could know about what you can do. Continue the good work and, until we meet again in person, I remain…

A devoted fan and follower,

Jon Searcy

Pensacola, Florida