To Everything There Is A Season

To everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven” Ecclesiastes 3. Each turn of the year offers us the gift of participation in the natural flow. Life is cyclical and one of the keys to happiness is to tap into the energy of that time and take advantage of the support it inherently provides. Autumn offers us several opportunities to learn and grow.

Known as the time of the Harvest Moon, autumn signals the end of the harvest season. This is the time to celebrate our accomplishments, our harvests, and to take stock of where we stand. Just as the farmer uses his energy to survey his surplus so too can we take a moment to take note of what we have achieved this summer? As we prepare for the winter ahead, we need to know what we have in order to use that time to formulate what we hope to reap from our next planting. Take a look around and see what in your life you are plentiful in. Are your relationships, career, health, and wealth all providing enough positivity? If not, what can you work on this winter to help make your next harvest more fruitful? Is there anything that needs to change or that you need to let go of in your life? Autumn offers us the chance to transform ourselves. I’ve spent time in the Northeast and New England and have been fortunate enough to see the beginning of the changing foliage and shedding leaves. Not only is this visually beautiful but it is a wonderful metaphor of what we can all be doing to use this energy to progress along our higher paths. Like the leaves, we change but unlike them, we fight it. Funny because one really can’t fight Mother or Human Nature. Change is a gift and always precedes rebirth. With the change, we often have to let go like the falling leaves and watch as outworn patterns of behaviors blow away with the wind. Whatever is shed makes way for the new shoots. Know that only good will grow and thus the cycle of nature that continues to turn can be met with your open arms.

The fall is a wonderful time for self-reflection and the transition from what was to what will be. Embrace these gifts of the season and participate fully in all that the spin of nature’s wheel has to offer.