The Long Island Medium–A Psychic Perspective

It started out with one or two clients over the past year asking me what I thought of the long island medium. At first, I thought they were speaking of my colleague, John Edward, who coincidentally is based on the long island too. So, my response would be that I really like John and that he has a great heart and a great gift and has helped many people connect with loved ones who have passed. John showed that we are down-to-earth, respectable professionals too. After that response, the client would say “not him, the woman, the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo.” until recently, I didn’t know. As a professional psychic medium here in New Orleans, I conduct psychic medium readings anywhere from 8-10 hrs, five days a week. I wake up and I’m on from morning until night. I love what I do, but when my day is done, I rarely go home and watch tv about what I have been doing all day. The same as a chef coming home to watch Ramsey’s kitchen nightmares or a vet unwinding by watching a dog whisperer. Most of us name psychic mediums float in similar circles and cross paths, I had not yet met Theresa Caputo, but with all the buzz, I needed to get in the know. So I watched, and I watched and I watched. Like everyone else, it is easy to see why people tune in and watch her shows again and again!

I like her too. I really, really do. How could you not? She’s adorable with the nails and the hair – she’s a regular chick, but one who has extrasensory powers. Hey, I can totally relate to that. She has warmth and charm. She’s funny and insightful and she does a wonderful job humanizing our profession of providing peace of mind in a way that has reached more people to date than all of us psychic mediums, it would seem, by showing the world that you can be a normal and sane person who can also connect with the departed and be a vessel of the spirit. The long island medium has gone further than john Edwards or even Sylvia too in displaying the normalcy of the new age by humanizing us more with insights into our personal, professional, and family life.

In my professional, psychic medium impression of Teresa Caputo, I found her to be a highly credible reader who cares deeply about helping others by using her gift to speak to the other side. The way that she treats her clients and conducts her psychic medium reading is the exact way that one who’s really got it does it – touch people’s souls and remind them that each soul is immortal. Plus, she does it with a delicate blend of fun and mystical. She’s one of us, I can tell. Authentic readers are alike in many ways. We really love people, want to help them, and relay information to bring solace from beyond. A hug from heaven I like to say.

So, I make an endorsement of the Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo and thank her for allowing more folks to understand who we are and what we do. I find her genuine in her reading and entertaining in her world.

I too have been seeing spirits since I was a child. My mother, also a talented medium, raised me to understand and use this extra vision I was born with. On the TLC show, Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo reveals she has been this way since childhood too. Both she and I grew our gifts and felt that we had an obligation to share them. Daily, I bridge between the worlds to bring back that love connection that still exists when loved ones die. As Einstein said, “energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” I believe our soul is that energy making it eternal and that love that was here is always available and people like Theresa Caputo and I can bring it back to show that, though unseen now to the eye, love is ever-present and available to you when you need it.

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