The Big Spill – Prayers for the Gulf Coast

Generally, my posts are rather upbeat but I feel a great need to respond to the many emails that I have received regarding the disaster in the Gulf. Let me begin by saying thank you for your continued concern for us Gulf Coast residents. I cannot begin to express my feelings about this incident and what it means to us and the innocent wildlife but I’ll try and I will offer some ways that we can help those in the trenches trying to preserve the eco-system.

I don’t really need to go into the details of this catastrophe. You all are watching the news or reading the paper about it too. I can tell, having some inside scoop, that it is being underreported. The best headline that I have seen so far, from The Pen, is “They Punched a Hole into Hell”. That about sums it up, but I will remain focused on the positive and what we can do to help.

Many of you know of my love for animals. Because of this, I will recommend that donations go towards whatever can be done to rescue and rehab the coastal wildlife. Below are the names of several groups, local and national, who would greatly benefit from any support that you can offer. I thank you, in advance, for your generosity in any way of giving. Everything will help with such a daunting mission.

Twenty-one years after the Exxon Valdez spill into Prince William Sound they are still cleaning up the damages. My deepest prayer is that animal lives be spared and that technology will also serve as our friend in helping contain any further damage. I send beams of white healing light to the entire coast from here in Louisiana all up into Florida that all of the inhabitants be safe and unaffected. Amen.

Wings of Hope Wildlife Sanctuary – a local wildlife sanctuary that will be on the front line

LWRA – Another Louisiana based wildlife rescue and rehabilitation group with lot’s of valuable information

Defenders of Wildlife – National organization that does a great deal to help sustain wildlife worldwide.

Here is a beautiful prayer written by legendary New Orleans musician Doctor John

Prayer by Dr. John (5.6.2010)
Recite at Sundown

Great Spirit, Mother God, Father God
Surround your people with white light
To protect them from harm.
Send your spirit guides to keep the earth strong;
Angels to protect the land from the oil;
The waters from pollution;
The animals from the storm.

Surround us with your holy light,
Smile upon us to keep us strong,
Preserve the land.
Spare your children and enlighten the masses.
Give us a solution.

Four winds blow; swirl to the sea.
While the white light shines and protects the sacred center.
Remove the earth from the path of harm.
Forgive the transgressors.
Let the light remove the dark.

and another powerful one from Unity .org

Blessings for the Gulf Coast

In times when it seems circumstances are out of our control, we can pause and go within. Take this moment to go within and find the peace that is God; find the order that is ever-present within and around us all.

We affirm and have faith that the Universe is well ordered and even now, in the seemingly overwhelming conditions of the Gulf Coast oil spill, God is at work through nature, through the minds and hearts of the people repairing and cleaning the spill.

Even now, there is order in the ocean as it rallies to recover, repair, and heal. All the creatures of the ocean and surrounding areas that are affected are part of the process that is unfolding. Our faith tells us that from the darkness comes the dawn … a new day is at hand.

We now affirm that we come out of this experience with a deeper understanding of how precious our waters are. We are inspired to act in ways that nurture and heal our earth and its oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams. We are filled with knowledge and a deep spiritual understanding of what is ours to do. We take action with confidence, knowing we are part of the Divine Order that is unfolding in this and every circumstance and condition.

We are grateful for solutions, for wise actions, for swift healing.

And so it is.


A prayer by Dr. Masaru Emoto – May 9, 2010

Now let’s give the energy of love and gratitude to the waters and all the living creatures in Mexico Gulf by praying like this:

To the water, whales, dolphins, pelicans, fishes, shellfishes, planktons, corals, algae and all creatures in our Gulf of Mexico:

I apologize.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

Click here to view this powerful prayer, set to music, by Dr. Masuru Emoto on YouTube.

Prayer from The Thirteen Grandmothers

We ask you to cast, anchor, and hold the Net of Light steady for the Gulf of Mexico,” the Grandmothers said. “This crisis is affecting the entire world, and humanity is asleep. Wake up!” they cried. “Animals are dying, plants are dying, and your Mother is writhing in agony. If you hold the Net of Light steady at this time you will help stave off further catastrophe.

“You have been lulled into a false sleep,” they said, “told that others (B.P.) would take care of this problem. This is not so,” they said. “And this is not the time for you to fall into oblivion. Determine now to stay awake, and once you have made that commitment, think of, cast, and hold the Net of Light. Hold it deep and hold it wide. Amplify its reach to penetrate the waters of the Gulf and dive deep beneath the crust of Mother Earth. Anchor it at the earth’s core and as you hold it there, ask it to unify with the mineral kingdom of this planet. It will do this and will harmonize with all the solid and liquid mineral states on earth-including oil and gas. The Net of Light will call these minerals back into harmony.

“Whatever human beings have damaged, human beings must correct,” the Grandmothers said. “This is the law. We repeat: This is the law. You cannot sit back and ask God to fix the mess humanity has created. Each of you must throw your shoulders to the wheel and work. We are asking for your help. Several years ago we gave you the Net of Light so you would be able to help the earth at times like this. Step forward now. This is the Net of Light that will hold the earth during the times of change that are upon you,” they said.

“First move into your heart and call on us. We will meet you there. The Net of Light is lit by the jewel of your heart,” they said, “so move into this lighted place within you and open to the Net of which you are a part. Bask in its calming presence. It holds you at the same time that you hold it.

“Now think of magnifying your union with us. We, the Great Council of the Grandmothers, are with you now, and all those who work with the Net of Light are also with you. There are thousands, even millions now connected in light,” they said. “Along with this union, call forth the power of the sacred places on earth. These will amplify the potency of our joint effort. Then call on the sacred beings that have come to prevent the catastrophe that threatens to overwhelm your planet. We will work together,” they said, nodding slowly.

“Think of, cast, and magnify the presence of the Net of Light in the Gulf of Mexico. See, imagine or think of it holding the waters, holding the land, the plants, the sea life, and the people. Holding them all!” they said. “The Net of Light is holding them steady; it is returning them to balance. Let the love within your lighted heart keep pouring into the Net of Light and hold, hold, hold. Calmly and reverently watch as the light from your heart flows along the strands of the Net. It will follow your command and continuously move forth. As soon as you think of it, it will happen. We ask you to practice this for only a few minutes at a time but to repeat it throughout the day and night.