The 11:11 Code–a Client Asks Cari

From a client “since I came to see you, I am constantly seeing patterns of numbers. I will suddenly awake at night and the clock will read, 3:33 or 4:44, etc. Throughout the day I will randomly glance at the time and it will be 11:11 or 2:22, etc. I will see repeating numbers on signs or billboards. This is constant and happens several times throughout the day and happens randomly without any conscious thought on my part. Is there any meaning behind seeing these numerical patterns? “.

When I read this inquiry I recall my own initiation into the same numbers club. There are many of us who have the quirky mind that catches repetitive number sequences, a peculiar ability to line up perfectly at these recurring balance points in time. When you see 11:11 twice a day and 1:11 too on a daily basis, you question it because it really is so strange. Many more people are coming out as having this as it becomes more open to discussion. If you experience this you feel a bit different so it is nice to have a dialogue about it so it doesn’t feel so darned weird. The first time I met someone else who shared this experience we were so happy to know that we weren’t alone in this. Some in the new age world say these experiences of seeing 1:11 – 2:22 – 3:33 – 4:44 on up, are an angelic code.  As one who experiences this phenomenon myself, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about it and how I feel it can be a useful tool to tune in and learn to experience the beauty of the present moment… the now.

10 years ago I was driving across the country and when I hit Alabama I noticed my odometer read 77,777 miles and, just as I noticed that I looked up and I was at exit 77, it was strange! I was wowed and felt so lucky like it was a sign from above. From that day forward I have several episodes every day of looking at the time and it is in repetitive numbers. It happens like clockwork now, really strange. You begin to ponder the significance of these frequent number chains. I know that I thought for a few minutes that I was going nuts. It feels a little intrusive too when it starts. Like hey! I get it…it’s 11:11 again…ok now what??!! Then after a while of seeing these math codes around it, becomes like a friend and you want to understand more. Throughout the day and night, I get these minutes, as do many of you, and they jolt me by stopping me in my tracks seeing 11:11 – 12:12 or my personal favorite 10:10, also the time of my birth. I have come to believe that these occurrences offer us a gift that, to me, has become more beneficial than interpreting angelic code.

Those of my readers who share my client’s and my connections with the displays of time on the clock may find themselves confused as to what’s happening to them. I myself was baffled when it first began with me. Most frequently you will look at a clock at the exact moment that it lines up. 5:55 – 4:44 these alternate with others like them throughout your day. They catch your attention because they happen so often and at that moment you are drawn into the here and now. Your mind is completely brought to focus at the moment you connect with the exact time and pause with it. Many of us who have this experience actually wait for the entire minute to pass, like taking a subconscious moment of silence honoring the passage of time many forms of meditation serve to train our minds to be here now. I’ve meditated extensively trying to capture the clarity of mind that this simple daily occurrence gifts to us each time we connect with the clock. For the minute we become aware that we are having these intervals we are being reminded that the power is in the present time and that we have each been given the ability to start anew and enjoy how precious time is. I have come to view the repetitive number sequence phenomena as a kind of alarm clock, a psychic wake-up call that tells me to take a breath and be here now.

From the many that I have already met with this phenomenon, we seem to share similar personality traits; highly perceptive, creative, and inventive. We are attentively bright even though often diagnosed add. I believe that one of the reasons we tune into the infinite world of math is that we have minds that are at ease in the zone and that is where we are comfortable and carefree and it is in that zone that seems more open to synchronistic events. This is also a state of mind like meditation and when we see those numbers we are brought to present moment awareness which gives us a mental edge. To focus right here and now is the greatest gift one can give the psyche and the mind. The focus that seeing these number patterns reminds us that we have the power of balancing for moments in time. When you repeatedly see the numbers line up it feels each time like you’re at a quantum crossroad, aware of these hourly junctures of time yet unaware as to why it happens to you all the time. I take the position that they are gifts to connect us to what Eckhart Tolle describes as the power of now. He goes so far as to suggest that spiritual bliss is “realize deeply that the present moment is all you will ever have.” seeing those numbers bring us to the present moment which brings us the chance for true peace in life.

Again, this has been a daily occurrence for the past decade of my life. I don’t think my receptivity to number patterns is going to leave me anytime soon. If anything it has grown stronger with time. I understand the gift that it gives me and acknowledge each time it occurs to give validity to the tempo to my day, as it brings the ability to develop my senses. Like spiritual jumping jacks, seeing those numbers gives me a shot of divine connection making me feel awake and aware. The beauty is that this gift is also available to you! If you have this perceptive twist, the numbers are divine reminders that we are sensitive beings who need to simply remember to just be happy and be. Another nice thought attributed to this sequence is that it is a sign to make a wish to bring joy and happiness into this world. So next time you sight 11:11 or numbers like that, pause, breath and wish something wonderful for you and the world and also remember to be thankful for and acknowledge the gift of the moment, the beautiful gift of being fully alive.