Speaking With the Departed

Halloween, Preparing for Spirits

It is quickly upon us, the night when the veil is the thinnest. The messengers from the other side and the messages they long to relate can, on this Hallowed Eve, pass between the world of spirit and the world of flesh with greater ease and if we try, we can open our hearts and minds to receive them. We will be looking at ways to welcome, honor, and receive messages from the dead and how to have their good graces around us all the time.\

Halloween comes from the pagan celebration of Samhain, which meant the end of summer and welcomed in the Celtic New Year. It was also a time for honoring the dead as the pagan Celts and Druids believed that they were able to walk in our world during this holiday. We continue this tradition in our own spooky manifestations by dressing in paranormal types of garb and honoring the otherworldly. We follow through too, as the ancients did, with the next day in complete honor of those who have passed, the Day of the Dead, All Souls, or All Saints Day.

When I was young Halloween was the perfect night for the séance. A séance is a circle of those with intention of communicating with the dead. There are times, however, that we may want to connect with the other side in solitude. I will be focusing more on how you personally can honor and connect with the spirit realm.

The first way to prepare for otherworldly connections is to sit and write a list of everyone that you have loved who has passed. You will want to leave some space between the names because we will be jotting down notes later. The next step is to do exactly what you would do if company was coming over, clean up your environment to make it inviting, add some flowers, a nice beverage, and a treat to welcome them. Spirits like to feel welcomed just as we do. As I always say, they are just like us except they are no longer with us in form. Lights some candles, burns some incense, and have some nice music on. Spirits delight in the niceties of the senses. We are setting the tone to honor & remember them and to tune in and receive messages. We also seek their continued guidance and blessings in our daily lives.

Set aside a little time to be alone on Halloween. In less than an hour, you can bridge the world in a few easy steps. We will begin by finding a comfortable place to sit, preferably near a place you can write. Get totally situated and begin with a short meditation. I suggest that you bring to mind the image of each loved one in your life who has crossed over. Hold each vision in white light and imagine that they are near. Take as long as you need to connect with them in your heart and mind. Once you are open and in touch, I would like you to get the list of names that you wrote earlier and ask each departed loved one on that list what it is they want you to know. Write down whatever comes into your mind. Try your best not to edit yourself. Just take what pops into your mind and jot it down. You should take as much time as you need now too. In closing the session, we will now have a chance to say farewell and give thanks to them for all of the help and guidance that they provide. Thank them also, in advance, for their continued support and connection.

You may want to take a few moments to reflect upon your experience or you may want to set it aside for a while and revisit. Either way, you have just had a paranormal experience. Even if you feel that you got only a little connection, you have an open door now through which future communications can flow. While Halloween night and the following day are the times that they say the veil is the thinnest between the worlds, you can always commune with the spirits if you are of open heart and mind.