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New Orleans Psychic Medium Cari Roy understands the value of letting others in on the secret that is Paranormal New Orleans. For over three decades, she has appeared on local and national TV and news programs. Her naturally and uninhibited’ N’Awlins’ style and her vivacious personality have made her one of the Greater South East’s most sought-out speakers and Subject Matter Experts in her field. Here is a sampling of her appearances, local and national, in which she’s featured.

Cari & Donna Farizan at Muriel's

Portals to Hell - Travel Channel

Mercury Retrograde - It's A Thing

2022 Zodiac Forecast Part 1

2022 Zodiac Forecast Part 2

Ghost Hunt at the Inn...

TV Appearances 2013

Is Your House Haunted?

How To Have Your Own Seance

Bad & Good Luck Superstitions

Planning The Perfect Valentine's Day Date Part 1

Planning The Perfect Valentine's Day Date Part 2

Plan a Date with the Help of the Zodiac

A Zodiac Sign Inspired Date

Spicing Up Valentine's Day Based On Zodiac Signs Part 1

Spicing Up Valentine's Day Based On Zodiac Signs Part 2

How The Eclipse Is Impacting Your Star Sign

The Zodiac & The Solar Eclipse

From Coast to Ghost: Psychic Vacations Are Becoming America’s Latest Travel Craze

Cari Roy shares her insight on Fodor's Travel.


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