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NEW ORLEANS PSYCHIC MEDIUM CARI ROY understands the value in letting others in on the secret that is Paranormal New Orleans. For over two decades, she has appeared on local and national TV and news programs. Her naturally and uninhibited’ N’Awlins’ style and her vivacious personality have made her one of the Greater South East’s most sought out speakers and Subject Matter Expert in her field. Here are a sampling of her appearances and articles in which she’s featured.

More Halloween fun with News With A Twist

THE 504 – Haunting at The Inn At The Old Jail


Halloween time in New Orleans!

More Halloween hijinks!


Signs that your house is haunted.

New Orleans Psychic Medium Cari Roy with Yahoo Screen star of A Broad Abroad, Paula Froelich! Having fun on a haunted excursion through the French Quarter and beyond!


Swamp Ghosts!