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Due to the overwhelming demand for quality psychic medium readings, we have expanded to include other gifted readers in our offerings. Handpicked and vetted by Miss Roy, each of our associates have the talent, accuracy, experience, and commitment to excellence necessary to have Miss Roy’s endorsement and we are proud to introduce New Orleans Best Psychic Mediums if she is unavailable and you need answers right away or are visiting and want to have a magical and meaningful New Orleans experience. Drawing from the very best readers that the city has to offer we are here to help guide you to a happy future, bring messages from the other side and provide answers and peace of mind.

Cheyanne Dise

Miss Cheyanne is both a psychic card reader and a medium. She learned reading from a young age from the strong women in her family. Both her mother and grandmother taught her about the gift and she has been using it professionally for over 20 years. She also is an expert in ancestral healing, spiritual resets/cleansings, and personal empowerment and can help break negative patterns and stuck energies. Her other loves are art, writing, performance, her children, her husband, pets, and helping her community.


“She was so spot on that we were crying because she knew things she could only have known if she was connecting with our mom’s spirit.”

Renee S.

“It was an excellent experience both the reading and how she made me feel comfortable. I’ll definitely be back.”

Tyler M.

“I felt like I was under a dark cloud and she really helped me feel I could change things for the better and that it wasn’t as bad like I was thinking.”

Sherice W.

Cheyanne Dise, psychic medium

Philip Centanni

Mr. Philip is an old-school New Orleans psychic and medium reader. He first learned to read coffee grinds from his grandmother which led to a lifelong love of telling fortunes and astrology and speaking with spirits. He is also a gifted medium. When he isn’t offering psychic medium readings, he is a noted New Orleans historian and published author. Also coming from several generations of psychic medium readers he uses cards, tea leaves, palmistry, and astrology to chart your future and connect you with loved ones who have passed.


“Philip was very sweet and helpful and answered a lot of questions I was confused about.”

Suzanne M.

“He really knows his stuff. I had the tarot and astrology and it was like he really knew me and my situation.”

Avion D.

We met with him all together and he brought us closure with a family drama that had been dragging on for years.”

Anthony H.

Philip Centanni, New Orleans Medium

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