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OUT Magazine – Visit New Orleans Psychic Cari Roy

Sep 9, 2018

International magazine OUT, serving the LGBT community, included New Orleans Psychic Medium Cari Roy as a must-have New Orleans experience. Thank you for the kind words and for including us on the list! Click here to read more.

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Cari Roy–2018 Local Business Forecast

Jan 1, 2018

New Orleans Psychic Medium Cari Roy gazes into the future of New Orleans business trends for 2018. CLICK HERE to read more!

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Awaken Your Intuition With Cari Roy

Nov 8, 2017

Always have a great time with Sheba Turk and THE 504 family on WUPL. Today we are talking about simple ways that you can Awaken Your Intuition.

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Inn at the Old Jail Haunting With Cari Roy

Nov 1, 2017

New Orleans Psychic Medium Cari Roy joins THE 504 and Sheba Turk to check out the hauntings at The Inn At The Old Jail.

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Lunch Break Fortunes With Cari Roy

Oct 31, 2017

New Orleans Psychic Medium Cari Roy appeared on NEWS WITH A TWIST with the lovely and talented Meghan Kluth to give surprise readings to folks during lunch hour in the CBD.

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WDSU News- Cari Roy – the Approachable Psychic

Oct 18, 2017

New Orleans Psychic Medium Cari Roy was featured on WDSU News. CLICK HERE to read more 🙂

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3 Steps to Being Your Authentic Self

Jul 4, 2017

Have you ever found yourself wearing many masks to portray different parts of yourself to different people? Did you ever find yourself altering your own behaviors to fit in? Pretty much everyone that I run into answers these questions with a yes. There is within each of us a desire to be part of the…

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New Orleans Psychic Medium on Australia’s Sunrise Tv

Apr 8, 2017

New Orleans Psychic Medium Cari Roy got to be on Australia’s hit TV  show Sunrise which is their version of the Today Show. Had such a fun time sharing some New Orleans magic with our friends from down under. CLICK HERE to watch the clip from the filming.

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Cari Roy Talks Astrology on the 504

Dec 28, 2016

New Orleans Psychic Medium Talks Astrology On THE 504 with Sheba Turk. Click here to watch on YouTube

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Cari Roy in the Wall Street Journal

Nov 1, 2016

New Orleans Psychic Medium Cari Roy was interviewed by journalist Katy McLaughlin for an article about haunted houses in the Wall Street Journal. Click here to read more.

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