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Cari Roy has gained recognition as New Orleans' most accurate and empathic psychic reader and medium. A third-generation New Orleans psychic medium, Cari’s mother was a spiritualist practitioner and clairvoyant. Her maternal grandfather was a master astrologer and numerologist. This made her upbringing a fertile ground for what would be the blossoming of her own extra-sensory abilities. Her 30 plus years of professional experience have honed those talents into skills.

At the age of 7, Miss Roy began displaying her psychic gifts, sensing spirits and past lives, and foretelling events. She considers herself blessed to have had the guidance of her elders in understanding and developing her gifts. “I believe that everyone is born psychic. It is just that many are discouraged and learn to fear it”. Participating in séances, learning all forms of divination, reading astrological charts, practicing automatic writing and dream interpretation were just some of the many aspects of her intense training. Her father’s profession as an opera singer allowed her extensive travel and the opportunity to embrace cultural diversity in all of its marvelous expressions. Not only did this heighten her natural empathy but also gave her a well-rounded understanding and appreciation of the human experience and the eternal truths we all share.

In her late teens, Cari knew without question that it was her calling to follow the family tradition of using her spiritual gifts to help others. Not taking this lightly, she went on to continue her education, attending university to study comparative religion, psychology, and cultural anthropology. After completing school Cari settled briefly in England to pursue more spiritual practices and then on to Switzerland, the home of her maternal lineage. During that time Miss Roy felt that, at last, all of her knowledge and experience was ready to be put to practical use.

Cari Roy began her career as a professional psychic medium in New Orleans in the late 1980s. As word of her high accuracy, detailed information, and engaging style spread, her clientele grew rapidly. She became the reader of choice for literally thousands ranging from celebrities to stay-at-home moms and from CEOs to psychoanalysts and everyone in between. “I love human being-ness and each and every one of my clients is of tremendous individual importance to me”. Miss Roy does not use cards or palms etc… She prefers to give pure psychic and medium readings without the reliance on external devices.


“I hope that one of the things I do best is to reject the cookie-cutter approach to readings and provide real tangible information based on each client's unique circumstances, information that they can then use to create happiness, peace, and fulfillment in their lives”.

“Everybody has a purpose in life and mine has always been to help others. Not only is it my purpose, but it is also my passion. I feel honored to be able to connect with people on such a deep and meaningful level. It truly is my pleasure to be of service”.

Considered an expert in her field, she has been featured as a lead psychic in several documentaries filmed in New Orleans. She has appeared twice on The Today Show, in A&E’s Haunted Houses - Tortured Souls and Restless Spirits, The Travel Channel’s America’s Most Terrifying Places and The Dead Files: Revisited, Award-winning ISPR’s New Orleans - Rich and Haunted and in Creative Health & Spirit Film’s The Many Faces Of Psychic Ability. Cari has also appeared on local and national radio and news shows, been referenced in books about local culture, and is in much demand for conventions and special events. She is named “#1 Psychic Medium To See In New Orleans” by travelchannel.com and recommended, “Best Psychic Medium To See In The Us” by bbcamerica.com.

Another highlight of Miss Roy’s career has been her work as a psychic medium in many high-profile paranormal investigations of some of New Orleans' most haunted landmarks including French Quarter hotels and restaurants, plantations and mansions, and notable local author, Anne Rice’s, exclusive Garden District properties. She is also co-star and co-producer of the YouTube show Paranormal New Orleans.

While feeling flattered and fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in various areas of the paranormal phenomena, Cari’s real love is to give psychic and medium readings. In New Orleans, Cari still enjoys an active and growing clientele of visitors, locals, long-time repeat clients, and referrals. She offers in-person psychic and medium readings in New Orleans CBD and phone consultations, toll-free, anywhere in the USA.

Proud member of The New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau, New Orleans Chambers of Commerce, Stay Local New Orleans, and The NOLA Healing Alliance.

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