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“New Orleans most renowned psychic – THE best psychic to see”
Jimmy Im – Celebrity Travel Correspondent, Journalist & Television Personality

“If you need to know then you need to know New Orleans Psychic Medium Cari Roy”
WGSO Radio New Orleans

“Since 1998, Cari has blown me away with her amazing and accurate Psi abilities-both in the arenas of professional paranormal research and individual clairvoyant guidance. I am fortunate to be part of a large and continually growing circle of people whose lives are enriched by Cari on so very many levels”
Daena Smoller – ISPR – International Society for Paranormal Research

“I’ve called on Cari’s amazing psychic powers many times over the past 15 years. She is always right on the money and I highly recommend her to many of my closest friends”
Steven Forster – Award winning New Orleans photojournalist

“Cari Roy is the real deal! She is the most accurate and helpful psychic I have ever consulted. Her readings give specific details – “a lady whose name starts with “J” will help you find the house you are looking for” – that enable me to recognize special opportunities so that I can take action and move in the direction of my dreams.”
D.K. Brainard – Master Astrologer, Edge Radio Host, Author and Certified Hypnotherapist

“I originally went to see Cari for insight about my career.  Her knowledge, understanding of people, and spot on intuition helped me to follow my dream and open my own business.  With the help of Cari this happened 3 years sooner than I expected!  Since then she has helped me maintain the direction that is best for my wellbeing and my business. I have referred friends and family members to her and they all got the same results I did; piece of mind, direction and focus. “
Annick Juneau – Massage Therapist/Healing Arts Practitioner, New Orleans, LA

“For more than 10 years I have relied on Cari Roy’s startling accuracy. Her wisdom, insight and sense of humor make getting a reading a healing revealing experience”
Kerry Mansell – Screenwriter

“As a business owner in New Orleans, it’s important that I recommend only the very best. This is why I highly recommend Cari Roy. She continues to delight my guests with her readings and is a great addition to anyone’s New Orleans travel experience.
Lisa Rahon – Owner/The LOOKOUT Inn New Orleans & Jughead’s Cafe

“Men, marriages and careers have come and gone and Cari Roy has seen me through them all…before they happened! I have benefited from her abilities for over 20 years, guiding me with wisdom, insight and clarity. An immensely gifted woman”
Colleen Bria – The Bria Dharma Center

“As a writer on spiritual practices in New Orleans, I have used Cari Roy as a local expert  resource and found her to be very informative and insightful”
Carolyn Morrow Long – Author of Spiritual Merchants – Religion, Magic and Commerce and A New Orleans Voudou Preistess – The Legend and Reality of Marie Laveau

“Cari is a gifted psychic with a genuine compassion for people. She makes you feel comfortable, safe and deeply understood. Cari’s readings are filled with light and will leave you feeling uplifted”
Marylou Smith – Advanced Level Psych – K Facilitator, New Orleans La.

I first met Cari Roy in 1998 when we were members of the same team of paranormal investigators in the French Quarter.  I was amazed by Cari’s psychic and medium abilities on those investigations all those years ago and she still amazes me today.  Not only can she clearly see through the veil between the living and the dead, she is also a phenomenal psychic reader.  I own a small B&B near the French Quarter and also lead walking tours.  As a result I meet many tourists, some of whom ask if I know any good readers.  I always recommend Cari.  Not only is she psychically gifted, but she is intelligent, genuine, and kind.  Even though she has a strong connection with the spirit world, Cari Roy has both feet on the ground in this world.
Karen Jefferies – Owner/Dauphine House New Orleans and Tour Guide/Historic New Orleans Walking Tours

“I have always found Cari’s psychic abilities a tremendous asset in my life. There are times when we are so involved in the karma of relationships that we are unable to see the forest thru the trees. This is when I find it’s time to call Cari. She is able to see and precisely call the dynamics of what is truly going on with my relationships and with all its players. I find that a quarterly reading with Cari helps to clear the reality decks and I am able to proceed with clarity. Cari Roy is a reader’s reader”
Jennifer Marial – Intuitive, Artist and Healer

“Cari Roy proves to be entirely accurate in her readings for me. I find her to be a terrific reader with great integrity”
E.M. Kennedy – E.M.K. Publicists

Cari Roy is one of those connected beings that taps into the paranormal with ease.  I first called her in 1997.  I told her of some odd things happening around my house…pictures flying off the wall, mirrors dropping on people off mantles, figures being seen in rooms, but then not there, etc.  I asked if she could set up a time to come over and the phone (which was a land line on both ends) started sounding static.  Cari replied, “I don’t have to come over, they are aware of you asking, hear that static?  There are three spirits in your house.  Two are not very active, but one of those is what you saw in your dining room.  The active one, is a woman that lived in your house most of her life and died there about sixteen years ago.  Her name starts with an S.  She is not dark, nor does she mean you harm, she is just afraid.”  I told Cari I noticed things most when I would have people over for a party or soon after.  “If you bake some muffins or cookies and explain to her that you are having friends over and it will be okay the activity should diminish or stop.”  I did as she suggested and not only did all the activity stop the whole energy in the house shifted from anxious to peaceful!  I later found out that the woman who lived in the house almost twenty years before me was named Sarah!!!  Cari Roy is the REAL DEAL!
Henry Gobble – Reiki Master, Composer and Animal Communicator, New Orleans, La.

“Cari Roy is the real thing! From my very first reading she has helped me prepare for future opportunities and has saved my bacon more than once. She doesn’t use tricks such as homing in on vague images, either. Relying strictly on her psychic abilities, she consistently hits upon future events and people in my life. Many times, I have recognized her accuracy only later when her predictions start to happen. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone needing spiritual guidance”
Truvey Fielder – IT Guru

“I had first heard of Cari through members of the grief support group Compassionate Friends. Many said how much she had helped them and they were 100% right. Cari is a source of much comfort and compassion. Being a bereaved mother myself I have called on Cari often to help me through fears I have had concerning my son ‘s death and my life. Without having Cari to consult with I could not have gotten through the last year and a half. She not only keeps me in touch with my son, she has helped me to understand what he needs me to know and understand……..I consider Cari not only an extraordinary clairvoyant psychic and medium, but also a friend”
Janell Sisolak – Application Specialist, New Orleans, La.

“There are a lot of readers that come here, put out a sign and say they are for real. I’m from here and the only one who deserves the title of THE New Orleans psychic is Cari Roy. Me and my whole family have been going to her for over 10 years.”
Toni Ann N. – Business Owner, New Orleans, La.

“I will never forget running in to Cari Roy the day before we evacuated for Hurricane Katrina. She told me “Hurry up and get out. It won’t be the wind but the water that will be bad” and she was unfortunately correct. Thankfully we listened because she had been right on before.”
Keith B. – Chef, New Orleans, La.

“I fly all the way from Ft. Worth, twice a year, just to get a reading with Cari Roy. She is that darn good!”
J. Gill – Consultant

“Hi Cari, I just need to share something with you. I came to see you in September and I must confess I was a little skeptical of the information you shared with me. You connected with my father and I was happy about that but thought “Is this real?” You talked about a woman whose name started with B and I couldn’t think of who that would be at the time. I realized later you were probably talking about my aunt Brenda who had passed about just 3 months before. How could I forget about her??? But then you started giving me information about the future. How could you possibly predict things that were going to happen in the future, I thought. You predicted health issues with my Mother in Law. Two minutes after I arrived home the phone rang. It was my Father in Law telling us my Mother in Law has cancer. You predicted my son would talk about marriage with me after the New Year. That happened. You predicted a baby granddaughter in the future. I got news yesterday, that my son and his girlfriend are having a baby girl in October. You are absolutely amazing, Cari !!!! I hope next time I am in New Orleans I will be able to see you again.” – Karen H. – North Dakota

“I so enjoy your cheerful disposition, I feel honored to know you, and have enjoyed the last several years (almost nine, I think) checking in with you bi-annually. I know you probably have a incredibly large clientele, but you have the gift of making everyone feel so very special! 😉 Thank you so much!”
J.D. – Healthcare Provider

“Cari helps me “seek the higher ground”. Her abilities also help me avoid potential pitfalls. During our calls I get a better sense of being at the helm while trusting the natural flow of life”
T.M.- Certified Life Coach and Corporate Trainer

“It was well worth the wait…THANK YOU SO MUCH! You really helped me Cari! I needed this, I’ve been dying inside & felt so depressed & alone with this situation. Now I feel like I will make it. God Bless you Cari!”
I.B. – Insurance Broker

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