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Throughout the years I have studied, in-depth, many topics related to the paranormal and metaphysical and have compiled a selection of links to some of the best websites regarding paranormal and metaphysical subjects. I have also added links that are specific to New Orleans for those who are planning a trip or just interested in learning more about our culture and lifestyle. Please scroll down as the listing of links is rather extensive. I hope that you will find them informative and enjoyable.

angels on the web – over 1000 resources of information about angels.
i believe in angels – inspiration and information about angelic beings.
angel haven – specialty store for all things angelic. also a chat room and prayer circle. very unique.

an extensive collection of info on aromatherapy
aromatherapy essentials – another site with many articles on aromatherapy.
moondragon’s aromatherapy – an easy index of essential oil properties and other info.
aromatic alternatives – new orleans based fine home fragrance designers. an exclusive, fresh & vibrant collection. look for them on facebook too.

words for the people
– my colleague and dear friend d.k brainard of empower radio and stariq fame. weekly forecast posted on monday pm. he is also the most awesome astrologer for personal charts and forecasts. my personal astrologer.
astrology zone – celebrity astrologer susan miller’s monthly forecasts.
– terrific site that lets you register to get all kinds of free astrology personalized by your date, place and time of birth.
free will astrology
– off beat & eccentric astro guru rob brezny’s weekly forecasts. they are posted on thursdays.
moon signs – find out where the moon was at the time of your birth and what that means in your personality. free. – acclaimed astrologer robin collier’s terrific site. lots of personal & relationship astro info. free offers too!
if today is your birthday – cool site that gives you a free year ahead forecast on your birthday. so if it is your special day, go check it out.
chinese zodiac – learn about your chinese animal zodiac with suzanne white. there is a calculator to determine your sign and  free daily chinese horoscopes.

crystal cures
– lots of crystal and gemstones categorized by properties and meanings. reasonably priced.
crystal cards – cool free crystal divination tool selects the right stone for your particular situation. many crystals and minerals available for all purposes.
crystal jewelry – good site for crystal jewelry. they call it jewelry with a purpose.
crystal balls – ebay store with very reasonable priced crystal and gemstone balls.

dream moods
– a good site about dream interpretation with a dictionary and discussion board.
dream central – an extensive site with dream interpretation and tips on how to remember dreams and more.
brilliant dreams
herbal dream enhancer.

world of feng shui
– an extensive site about all aspects of feng shui. jam packed with  useful articles and tips.
feng shui @ – nice site about feng shui basics.
feng shui for conscious living – new orleans based feng shui consultant sherry hemstreet’s highly informative site.
feng shui products – a site with thousands of feng shui supplies and cures.

the shadowlands
a good site with all sorts of info about ghosts and hauntings. also has a store for paranormal detection equipment.
ghost hunting groups by state state by state listing of ghost hunter groups.
hauntings articles does it again with an extensive list of articles about hauntings.
haunted houses
a site that gives state by state listings for haunted attractions.
ghostly photos
largest selection of ghostly photos on the web.
ghost village
another great website with tons of info on ghostly phenomena.
the orb zone
– info about orb phenomena in photos.
the haunted museum
presented by prairie ghosts. lots of good articles on the history of spiritualism, famous mediums, ghost hunters and phenomena etc…

afterlife 101
– a lot of research and articles on life after death.
national spiritualist association of churches
the religion of belief in life after death. the religion in which i was raised. the religion that began the entire life after death movement.
swedenborgian church
another religious movement that emphasizes life after death and spirit communication.
the seth material
a website devoted to the ground breaking trance channeler, jane roberts, and her communications with the entity known as seth. this material was the inspiration for abraham hicks and many other notable channelers.
after death communication
an extensive site where you can read and post life after death contact & communication info.
the scole experiment
a fascinating site about a 5 yr study about life after death.
leslie flint communications
an amazing collection of voice recordings of the after life by early 20th century medium, leslie flint.
after death communication guides
more about after death communication and mediumship. aslo has a forum.

meditation guide how to guide for meditation with free downloads, tips and more.
how to meditate video
good youtube video demonstrating beginner meditation.
orin’s free meditations author sanaya roman’s free 4 to 5 minute meditations.
green tara mantra
– pretty meditation you tube video based on the tibetan joy mantra.

kelly howell my all time favorite meditation & hypnosis guru kelly howell. all of her products are fabulous and i highly recommend them if you are trying to improve any area of your life.
wellspring hypnosis hypnotist rob collier. i recommend life, love & livelihood as a way to enhance well being and increase self esteem. he also has links to reputable hypnotists throughout the country.
serenity health – table top fountains, outdoor solar fountains and other relaxing products. reasonably priced.

introduction to nas
a very important read for those who are seeking to know more about native american spirituality in a respectful way.
native american wisdom
– pages of wisdom categorized by native american elders. click on name and it will take you to quotes. quite extensive list.
the native american church
– church founded by native american elders that combines christianity with native spirituality.
white eagle lodge
– organization based on the teachings of native american elder white eagle.

online free i-ching readings
ancient chinese divination free to answer questions.
all kinds of free do it yourself readings from tarot to numerology to runes.
free tarot, i-ching and numerology
free do it yourself tarot, i-ching and numerology.
voyager tarot
free card a day. eerily accurate method of self divination.
barbie tarot
just for fun.  a tarot card deck based on barbie dolls.
reverend e.m camarera
delightful website of rev. camarera. lot’s of free fun stuff updated often.
healing cards
– several decks that you can choose from to get a free daily reading.

paraseek paranormal search engine.
paranormal database huge database of paranormal info.
new age index info on new age subjects and the paranormal.
psi explorer
great site with lots of psi info and links.
supernatural world
more info on the supernatural and paranormal.
anomaly response network
a complex site of archived paranormal info.
the beyond
fun site about all things paranormal.

coast to coast
the granddaddy of paranormal radio programs with your host george noory.
planet paranormal
listings of many paranormal radio programs.
ufoparanormal radio
more listings of paranormal radio shows.
paranormal view
still more paranormal radio.

my para
website for paranormal enthusiast like myspace.
paranormal passions yes, there is even a site that focuses on paranormal dating
a paranormal online community.
haunted zone
24 hour paranormal chat room.
find and/or create networking sites based on any subject. pretty cool.

notes from the universe daily email positive messages from the secret’s mike dooley. always enjoyable and synchronicticly pertinent.
daily word email positive thoughts and affirmations from unity church. one of the forerunners of positive thinking and affirmations.
hay house radio positive thinking  internet radio station from louise hay.
you can heal your life blogs and articles also brought to you by self healing guru louise hay.
shakti gawain daily affirmation from author shakti gawain.
daily affirmation cards pick a daily affirmation from these free online cards.
renaissance unity you can sign up to recieve a daily inspirational email.
a place for the heart list of affirmations on various subjects.
the new thought movement – an extensive site about the new thought movement/churches that gave rise to positive thinking, the secret etc…
spiritual quote of the day – a daily quote of spiritual inspiration.
spiritual cinema circle – a dvd club that provides films & documentaries with an uplifting and inspirational theme.
guideposts – ezine inspired by the late great positive thinking guru norman vincent peale.
success consciousness – lots of good articles about success and positive thinking. – dedicated to providing positive information on a variety of areas of ones life.

soul soothers – a site and ezine for spiritual growth and awareness. – wonderful site founded by benedictine monk brother david to help cultivate and celebrate gratefulness. they offer a 6 week online course that is truly life altering.
spirituality & practice – awesome resource for those on a spiritual path. many great features such as the spiritual practice of the day and online courses and articles.
ipopin – one minute positive affirmations on a variety of subjects.
mayo clinic news – great article from the mayo clinic of the effects of positive thinking.
ultimate creative visualization – great little program for running visual positive affirmations on your computer. costs 8 bucks!
soul needs – nice interactive positive site that helps keep us on the upswing.

world prayers
– prayer from all over the world and from all different belief systems. has a prayer wheel that selects a prayer for the day for you. lovely.
prayer study
– duke university’s extensive study on the benefits of prayer.
silent unity
– prayer support available by phone or online 24 hrs a day 365 days a year. they will create a prayer for your individual need and continue to pray for you for a month. very powerful.

psychic arcade
institute of noetic sciences fabulous site with several psychic ability tests. my favorite.
got psi
boundary institute psychic abilty tests.
bella online tests
bellaonline’s tests by symbols, colors, shapes, numbers, faces etc…
psychic card tests – tests your abilities using cards.
intuition test – questions to detirmine if you are intuitive. also has a link to a good psychic test.

rhine research center
formely duke university’s ground-breaking department of parasychology. still an excellent resource for information, workshops and ongoing research.
american society for psychical research
the oldest paranormal research organization in the country. has a wealth of information . also publishes a journal of most current research.
society for psychical research
oldest paranormal research society in the world made up of scientists devoted to researching the paranormal under scientific scrutiny. publish scholarly reports of high standards.
exceptional human experience network
an educational, research and information resource on all types of paranormal/metaphysical human experiences. they also have a newsletter.
intuition network
a great resource for those who want to cultivate their intuition.
parapsychology foundation – one of the most extensive collections of information on scientific paranormal research on the web.
central premonition registry – a site to register and record your own psychic premonitions.
the association for research and enlightenment – international headquarters for the works of edgar cayce.
parapsychology association
– another great site filled with info and research on the paranormal.
– paranormal research by celebrity parapsychologist dr. larry montz. i have worked with them on numerous new orleans paranormal investigations.

reincarnation in america
great site with lots of info on reincarnation including articles and case studies.
past lives center carol bowman’s site about reincarnation and children’s past life phenomena.
past lives and religion – great info on past lives and their relation to comparative religion.
past life finder odd site that lets you enter your date of birth and gives you a possible past life.
past life info
site with past life information.

unknown country
ufo guru whitley strieber’s informative site.
ufo evidence
extensive site of ufo articles and photos.
ufo center
– national ufo reporting center.

save our cemeteries our cities of the dead.
historic new orleans tours
historic new orleans walking tours. try to get on a tour with karen as the guide.
backstreet cultural museum – museum located in old funeral home in the treme. filled with funeral second line and mardi gras indian memorabilia and spirits.

lookout inn
haunted b & b in the bywater neighborhood. awesome salt water pool & a hot tub.
the dauphine house
lovely haunted guest house in the marigny neighborhood. walking distance to the french quarter.
hotel monteleone
haunted hotel in the french quarter.
the dauphine orleans
haunted hotel in the french quarter.
bourbon orleans
haunted hotel in the french quarter.
the bienville house – nice haunted boutique hotel in the french quarter.

le pavillion
haunted hotel in new orleans central business district.
lafite’s blacksmith shop
haunted bar  and the oldest in continual operation in america.
court of two sisters
haunted restaurant with a terrific brunch.
haunted restaurant with world famous breakfast.

annick juneau master masseuse, reiki healer and energy worker annick juneau.
marylou smith psych-k and emotional freedom technique healer marylou smith. sign up for her daily inspirations.

new orleans convention and visitors bureau.
lots of info about new orleans.
best of neworleans
our local paper the gambit.
french quarter wedding chapel
get married in new orleans! everything you need to know about our romantic side. owned and operated by new orleans ambassador of romance.

very late night eatery in the french quarter.
bombay club
over 115 types of martini’s and romantic atmosphere.
my favorite fine dining restaurant.
blue nile
local music and dance club on ultra hip frenchmen street. where the locals go. – your one stop for all information about the thriving new orleans burlesque scene.
clover grill
bourbon street icon 24 hr. cafe.
chickie wah wah
live music and home cookin in mid-city. fun atmosphere.
crescent city brewhouse
oysters, beer and jazz.
d.b.a local music and drinks on ultra hip frenchmen street. where the locals go hang out.
palm court jazz cafe
traditional jazz and fine dining.
preservation hall
legendary jazz band and music hall.
Spotted Cat – great frenchmen street club with nightly retro jazz & swing music.
snug harbor
local jazz and fine dining on frenchmen street.
tropical isle
if you are going to do bourbon street. the home of the mega drink, the hand grenade.
carl mack presents – if you are looking for entertainment for an event, call carl mack. awesome parades.

staylocal.orggreat resource listing over 1800 local new orleans businesses. find me under new age.
french market historic french market. countries oldest continually operated open air market.
chi-wa-wa ga- ga specialty store for smaller dogs. can order some items in large sizes. some accessories all sizes.
fun rock’n lot’s of fun items from t-shirts to lunch boxes and decades of memorabilia.
fi-fi mahoney’s fabulous wigs, make – up and accessories. very fanciful and totally new orleans.
new orleans gem and lapidary shop lots of crystals, precious and semi precious stones. very reasonably priced.
lovely wine and spirits store that will do private wine tastings at their location or yours. highly knowledgeable and reasonable.
spa laje
they bring the spa to you. recommended by new orleans finest hotels.
voodoo authentica
if you are going to go voodoo, this is the place to go.

changing the present
data base for making donations as gifts for others or yourself.
secret chest a site where you can dump your secrets anonymously. good to vent and get things off your chest.
43 things
a place to list your goals, share progress and encourage others. really nice and good for the soul.
click for charity
you can go on and click on various sites for charity. no excuse not to. can be done once daily.
shop for charity
shop through this site and a portion of the profits will go to charities of your choice.
volunteer opportunities
place to find volunteer opportunities in your area. service to others brings untold rewards.
pandora radio
lets you create personalized radio stations based on your favorite music. very fun.
find groups of people in your area who share common interests and get together to discuss them. from poetry to professional and everything in between.  something for everyone and a great way to meet new people.
zen habits – a wonderful blog with tons of articles on how to live a happier more productive life. a huge range of subjects. good stuff. – a wonderful animal rescue organization.
peta people for the ethical treatment of animals.
animal rescue new orleans – local animal rescue organization.
animal rescue front formed to rescue & find homes for katrina animals. still active and a very worthy organization.
fluffy neta comprehensive list of no-kill animal shelters.
humane charity – dr. approved charities and organizations that absolutely do not provide any money for animal experiments.
roads of hope– a terrific volunteer animal rescue transport group. please help if you can.
defenders of wildlife – protecting the animals of the wild.
world wildlife fund – animal conservationists and endagered species protectors. – awesome assortment of organic pet foods & treats at unbeatable low prices. great service too.
journal for you – a wonderful resource for inspiration and motivation for journaling.
wordpress – simple, easy and free way to create your own blog.
wordpress tutorial – good tutorial on how to set up and maintain a wordpress blog. express yourself!
personality tests – a site with links to many different types of personality tests. fun!
reinvention for women – cool blog with a series called 10 tips by women for women.
social networks – if you want to be part of the social network world but don’t know where to start, this is a good site with reviews of the top ten. – because we all need to laugh.
happy news – a news site with positive & happy news stories only. a good balance to the onslaught of negative news out there.
diva toolbox – for women by women. awesome articles, radio shows and more.
body mind spirit directory
– directory of new age practitioners.