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What is a psychic reading exactly?
A psychic reading is an agreement between me, the reader, and you, the person being read, that allows me to look deeply at your journey, past, present and future. From this I gather and relay vital information that can be used by you, in a tangible way, to increase the quality of every area of your life experiences. A good psychic reading will alleviate doubt and fear, answer important questions, reveal unknown opportunities, help guide in decisions and, overall, leave you feeling more in control and at peace with all aspects of your life. Some call it a massage for the soul!

What is a pure psychic reading?
A pure psychic reading is one that is done without the use of external devices like tarot cards, palm, tea leaves or crystal balls. I believe that all of these are wonderful tools of divination and have great respect for those who use them. I, however, reached a point in my development that I felt more comfortable simply tuning in to a persons energy to access and relay information.

What is a medium reading?
A medium reading is one that concentrates on communication with loved ones who have passed. It is my belief, from volumes of experience, that they are always accessible to us. They may not always be chatty, but they are ever present. When they do have something to say they will certainly say it through me. Even when they are not vocal, I can identify where they are in their process and who they are with.

Do you offer any other types of readings?
Yes, I do offer astrological charts and readings past life readings and dream interpretation. My maternal grandfather was a master astrologer and taught me how to use the planets to determine personality strengths and weaknesses, relationship dynamics and forecast the best dates for action. In past life readings, I find poignant events that can help explain some of your experiences in this life. I also find important connections in past and current relationships. Dream interpretation is used, primarily, to determine what messages your own subconscious is sending you. Dreams are often a mechanism of your own intuition and understanding them can enhance your natural abilities.

Can I have a reading with someone else sitting in with me or split a reading?

Miss Roy only offers individual one on one readings. In her 20 plus years of experience, she believes that the best reading are done when there is the ability to focus on one person alone. Group or joint readings confuse the energy being put forth and can miss key points because of it. We can schedule back to back individual readings that clients truly prefer. When you think about it, you wouldn’t go to a Doctor and having them try to diagnose two or more people at once nor would you go to a hairstylist and expect them to cut two heads of hair at once.

What can I expect my reading to be like?
As mentioned, I do not use any devices. The way that we start, in an in-person reading, is by me holding your hands for a few minutes. If it is a phone reading we take a concentrated moment of silence. Either way, what I am doing is opening a channel of connection to your energy source or, in a medium reading, the energy of departed loved ones. It is from this source that I will be receiving the information that I relay. I receive information by hearing, seeing and knowing.

When I hear information, called clairaudience, it is phonetic and I will be telling you the sounds and letters that I get connected to a person’s name or to a location. When I receive information by seeing, called clairvoyance,  it is with my inner eye and I will be describing a person’s height, hair color and other characteristics. With locations it is the landscaping and colors that I see. When I receive information by knowing it is just that, I know. That is the gut information that when you feel it, you know it to be true.

Once we have made our connection, I begin telling you all of the impressions that I am receiving. I will provide details that will assist you in determining exactly the who, what and when and where’s that I am speaking of. While I do the majority of talking during the reading, you are free to interject if you like. It does not disturb the connection or my train of thought. There is also time near the end of the reading to ask questions should you still have any although most clients tell me I’ve answered them all before even having to ask. I may bounce around to different subjects as the information often is rushing upon me all at once. It is, however, always clear and concise and easy to understand. I will also be providing dates of when I see future events occurring. I strive to provide you with as much detail possible so that you can easily identify what I am saying and know its relevance and applicability to all areas of your life.

How can I prepare for my reading?
FOR A PSYCHIC READING – First and foremost is to relax. A good psychic reading is an uplifting and inspiring experience that should be approached with an open heart and mind. If you are having a phone reading, I suggest that you find a spot where you will be undisturbed, get comfy, get a glass of wine or a cup of tea, draw a couple of deep breaths and, again, relax. Treat this as your “special time”. We’ll take a few moments before the reading too to release nervous energy or the cares of the day. Many clients like to write down some questions prior to their reading to make sure that each and every concern is relieved. If you would like to do so, click here for a list that will assist you. You might also have a piece of paper & pen handy in order to jot down the particulars as they unfold during the reading . You don’t need to be a stenographer but it’s nice to make note of the highlights, dates, names and such. In an in-person reading I’ll be writing details down for you too.

FOR A MEDIUM READING – We will begin your medium reading the same as for a psychic reading. It is a good thing to think about the loved ones you hope to speak with and invite them to be with you during our reading. I often ask what your biggest worry or concern is at this point in your life as it often acts like a magnet to draw kind spirits near. Just prior to your reading, take a few moments to think of any particular questions you would like to have answered by spirit. Many clients like to wear something that belonged to the person or persons who have passed and/or bring photos or, if by phone, have them near.

FOR AN ASTROLOGY READING – I need your date, time and location of your birth one week prior to your appointment. If you want a compatibility reading for a romantic, familial or professional relationship, I will also need the date, time and place of birth for that person also. You can provide this information to my assistant Mara when you schedule the appointment by phone or email or when she calls the week prior to your appointment to confirm. You can use the same question guideline linked above and below for your astrology reading and any dates that are of specific interest to you.

FOR PAST LIFE READING – Take sometime to think about any patterns of events or behaviors that seem to repeat in your life. Also any fears that are recurring or stumbling blocks that have you feeling stuck. Also write down specific relationships that you find especially difficult, binding or challenging. Same with those that are easiest and most supportive. We have what I term “soul families” that we choose to reincarnate with to assist in our and their personal and spiritual growth.

FOR DREAM INTERPRETATION – Write down all dreams with as much detail as you can remember. Even the most trivial things can have great meaning in dream symbolism. Click here to read my article on tips to better dreaming.

What kind of questions can I ask?
My motto is Knowledge Is Power! My goal is to cover every area of your life that you want to know about. It has been my experience that the biggies are relationships, finance, family, health, career and life’s purpose and I make it a point to cover all of them. Again, if you would like a list to use as a guideline, click here. Please note that it’s not necessary to have questions in order to have a meaningful reading although many clients feel it helps them to feel more comfortable.

Will you tell me bad things?
There is a misconception that psychics are doomsayers. Mostly this comes from myth and movies and, unfortunately, some bad psychics out there. The majority of us are using our abilities to help people live happier lives. I am quite truthful in that I do not just tell people what they want to hear. Tough times are a part of life, job losses, relationships ending etc…. If I do see something like that I prefer to approach it as a challenge and let’s see if there is something that can change it or what is going to be coming next to help turn things around. Every cloud does have a silver lining and while I will let you know if a cloud is coming, I prefer to focus on the silver lining.

How can you do a reading over the phone?
I began doing readings over the phone when some of my clients, while traveling on business, needed time sensitive advice. I realized then that I could use the same mechanisms that I used to tune in for in-person readings, remotely. This made sense because the connection that I establish with a client is not limited by time or space. The information that I receive about people I have never met, about places I have never been to and about events that have yet to happen certainly are not limited to space and time. I have clients from all over the world that have seen me here and want follow-ups. They often times refer me to family or friends who live elsewhere. Some even find me through my work on TV or via the internet. I am glad to be able to accommodate everyone. With the advent of a more hectic and busy lifestyle even local clients often opt for a phone reading because it is so easy.

What is a Psychic Party?
Are you planning a special New Orleans Girls Night Out or New Orleans Bachelorette Party? Miss Roy is always a big hit at special events and can do mini readings for your group at her location or yours.  Give us a call or email us with the date and the number of people in attendance and we can tailor the perfect psychic reading experience for you and your friends.

How do I schedule an appointment?
Simply give us a call – Toll Free 1-877-PSI-NOLA (877-774-6652) . You can also email at If you get the voicemail or are emailing, please indicate if day or evening, weekday or weekend is your preference for an appointment. With that information my client coordinator, Victoria, will be able to schedule you in. Due to demand, it can take several weeks for an appointment. We always do our absolute best to accommodate you as quickly as possible and also have a waiting list in case anything opens up before the date you are scheduled. We also offer a urgent reading option, if desired, for a priority rate.

How can I purchase a gift certificate?
CLICK HERE to open a pdf that you can save and print or print on the spot. You then give us a call, toll free, at 877-PSI-NOLA (877-774-6652) and you make the payment. We then give you the certificate number and activate it. It’s that simple! Just fill in the certificate number and the recipients name and you’ve got it.

How do I pay for a reading?
We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER, debit credit cards and cash. Deposits are required when booking multiple readings and are fully refundable with a 7 day cancellation notice and transferable after that.

Where are you located?
We are conveniently located at 935 Gravier Street in the Exchange Centre at the corner of Gravier Street and O’Keefe. This is one block from Canal Street in downtown New Orleans Central Business District / French Quarter. Metered parking is available on-street as well as paid parking garages on Gravier St. and on St. Charles Ave.