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The Soul Cleansing Power Of The Solar Eclipse 8/21/2017

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Have you been feeling frazzled, strung out and pent up? If you look at the world around us it seems we’ve gone mad. Tensions are at an all time high and everyone is about to pop. There is a major planetary event on August 21, 2017 which last occurred back in 1979. It is a total solar eclipse that will last for several minutes across the USA. I believe that these epic planetary events hold a lot of power in what is happening here on earth. I’ll talk about the spiritual significance of solar eclipses and also show how each astrological sign can use it to their own best interests. The moon will come and wipe the sun and we can wipe certain areas of our lives clean with astrology as our guide. This solar eclipse will touch our very cores and we can use it as a soul cleansing super power to enlighten specific areas of our lives.

Solar Eclipses have always been revered by mankind. In the past they were feared and said to portend some cataclysmic events. Ancient cultures all had myths about creatures in the sky who would swallow the sun and the apocalyptic havoc that would cause. Now astrologers are scrambling to see how it will unfold in world current affairs but I am more concerned in delving into personal astrology and laying down a path on which it can be used to walk towards self-liberation. There are ways that we can tune into the solar eclipse’s power and use it to transform areas of our lives that are needing attention. Imagine that there is a big part of your life where you are being given a chance at a fresh start. A bright shining redo button that you can push and make things happen in your world. That is the power that is available to each of us, according to our signs, and here are the ways that each sign can take advantage of this cosmic occurrence as a do-over in specific parts of our psyches.

Aries – This eclipse is all about you and your very identity. Who you are in the world is getting ready for a big makeover as you shed limiting self-images and emerge as a new you. Your very core is shifting. Who do you want to be? Let go of ego masks that you’ve been wearing to please everyone else. Be authentic, be yourself. You are about to do a big re-branding and become even more of a superstar.

Taurus – Right now you have been feeling threatened in an area of your life that gives stability. Your feet have been shaky and your comfort levels are being tested. I suggest you just dive into your fear of loss of control and feel that you are being brought along by a powerful current that is making miracles for you. Let go and trust the universe to bring you everything wonderful you need.

Gemini –  Communications have been a bit wonky as you try more and more to speak your truth. Where have you been feeling that your inner voice is stifled? Who isn’t really hearing what you have to say? Right now you have power let out your feelings. One way to do this now is to write everything that is spinning around your mind and get it out on paper You will feel much better just expressing who you are.

Cancer – Work is an area where you’ve been a little vulnerable. Have you been feeling a less than connected to your professional self these days? Now is a great time to ask questions about the passions of your heart and if you’ve been able to align them with what you are doing for a living. You don’t have to make big career changes, just review and refresh what you’re doing. If you are making a big change, feel positive.

Leo – Are you yearning for the spotlight in some area of your life? Looking for recognition and a pat on the back. Now is the perfect time to toot your own horn and sing your own praises. Even though the sun is being eclipsed by the moon you’ll feel the spotlight is right on you. We all need a little adoration once in a while and you’ve been working very hard. Give yourself a big reward for being you.

Virgo – Oh Virgos, my sweet thoughtful Virgos, you all have been worrying yourselves into a snit. Have you been fretting over things you can’t control? The good news is that the eclipse will help you release that stuff. Make a list of everything that’s been on your mind. Be very exact with every detail. Look it over and let all that stuff go. Focus on the things you can do and you’ll start feeling light as a feather.

Libra – Partnerships are always so very important to you. You truly like to be part of a we instead of just being a me. Look around you at all your partnerships in your life. Romantic, professional and friendly relationships are all the focus now. Think about all of the ways you can enhance your bonds with others and what it is you need from them to feel good about your unions. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need.

Scorpio – So many mysteries so little time. You all are the true detectives in the universe and you crave information like some people crave food. Right now you are embroiled in the mystery of self-discovery and have been turning your powers with in. This is a perfect time for you to go on a spiritual quest to find yourself and how you connect to the mystery of life. Meditate and journaling are key.

Sagittarius – This is a powerful time for you to be making connections. It’s going to be about who you know. Now you have the ability to really find your tribe and be surrounded by those of a like mind. Have you been feeling out of step with those around you? Take a look at expanding your comfort zone and being open to meet new friends. Your keyword right now is unity.

Capricorn – Capricorns everywhere are feeling more powerful. It is as though something has been making you all stronger by the day. Right now you are all about success and nothing is going to stop you from reaching your goals. Keep your nose to the grindstone and know that you are about to grab the brass ring. Take time so savor your winnings and give thanks for abundance.

Aquarius – You are so ready to be a leader, yes you are ready to step into your own. Others have been turning to you lately looking for direction and you have been feeling called to step into a role to help bring people forward. Have you been feeling passionate about any cause? Now is the time to step up participation in noble pursuits and to guiding others on a brighter path.

Pisces – It’s all about feelings right now. Have you been extra sensitive to events lately? It’s as if your emotional nature is dialed at an all time high and you can tap into the feelings of everybody and the world. This can feel so overwhelming sometimes and you forget to replenish yourself. It’s a good time for you to take baths and naps and eat comfort food and take care of your feelings for a change.

These suggestions have been put forth because I really believe everybody is feeling these energies is various parts of our lives. Instead of being victims to the times, astrology allows us the opportunity to make positive changes. Use this abundance of planetary power to put you and your life back on track and, as always, enjoy riding the cosmic wave.



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