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AstroAlert – Feeling Frenzied? Retrograde Planetary Action & What You Should Know

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HAVE YOU BEEN FEELING STRESSED? Could be because there are a cluster of planets that are getting ready to go into retrograde. Astrologers like to call these intervals in the planets spin cycle the universe’s reset buttons. Planets tend to move forward in our solar system but sometimes they take a break and just stop. Since the surrounding planets are still moving forward, it looks like the retrograde planets are moving backwards. What does that mean to us humans here on earth and our daily routines? Well I’m about to planetsplain what you can do to make this usual difficult time a blessing instead that can improve your life.

Successful businesses take time each year and do a business inventory to see the economic health of their endeavors. It’s not a coincidence that all of these retrograde planets are happening during tax season when all of us are having to review our incomes. Retrograde energy pretty much demands that we review what’s going on in different areas of our lives and I’m going to tell you the areas to pay attention to, over this next month, so that you can make the most of what’s happening with the planets right now. Mercury, Venus and Saturn are all retrograde and each one of them holds a special message for us.

  • Mercury – Mercury is the planet that rules communication, contracts, electronic and other equipment and timing of day to day events. When mercury goes retrograde we are being urged to not make rash decisions and large investments. Take care of what you say to others cause there can be miscommunications at this time. Pay attention to what others are saying too and don’t hesitate to ask them to explain what they really mean. Appointments and plans can change at a moment’s notice during these cycles so it is good to be flexible and have a good plan b. Mercury will start moving forward in Mid-May.
  • Venus – Venus is all about relationships, creativity and beauty. When the planet of love goes backwards the key is to be open to renegotiating relationships. Old romances sometimes surface during these times and you may decide to give someone another chance. If you are seeking the second chance, this is the time you may have been waiting for. Redecorating or revisiting creative endeavors is also highlighted. But as with mercury retrogrades, don’t go making any big changes. Venus will start moving forward again in Mid-April.
  • Saturn – Saturn is one of the old guard planets and is often associated with the character of Old Father Time. This planet is pretty serious and rules karma and hard work. When it’s moving backwards we are being given the opportunity to make positive changes along our life path. Are there old habits, relationships or career choices that you are holding onto that are standing in your way? Do you keep bumping up against the same negative situations again and again? Now is the time to shed anything that is standing in the way of you fulfilling your happy destiny. Saturn will remain retrograde till late August.

Retrograde planets really get a bad wrap and can put the fear of God into folks but this viewpoint is very limited and completely skips over the very positive opportunities that are in our midst during these astro cycles. Think of all the positive words that begin with the RE prefix. Relax, Refresh, Reimagine, Renegotiate, Rebrand, Reignite, Reunite, Review, Renew. Taking that as a tip, let’s all remember that astrology can be our friend if we learn to use the energy that the planets have to offer us and view the skies as friendly allies along our life’s adventure. Enjoy riding the cosmic wave

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